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Interlibrary Book Loan

Interlibrary loan is a traditional part of interlibrary cooperation. There are two ways of loaning a book owned by other libraries.

  • Use Interlibrary Card

Eligible users may exchange an interlibrary card at the Interlibrary Loan Counter with your Library Card. The Interlibrary Loan Counter locates at the second floor of the New Hall. Then you can go to cooperative libraries to borrow books.
Note : fines for interlibrary card returned late will be charged 1 yuan every day.

  • Submit a loan request via ILL (Interlibrary Loan) system

Eligible users can also choose to submit a loan request via ILL system, When the books are available, an email will be sent out to inform you to pick up the books you request. All books loaned via ILL should be returned to Interlibrary Loan Counter and can not be renewed.
Currently, the books held by the following libraries can be borrowed by this way.
National Library, Library of Chinese Academy of Science, Library of Peking University and some foreign libraries.


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