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Interlibrary Book Loan

Interlibrary Book Loan is a traditional part of interlibrary services. There are two ways to borrow a book owned by other libraries.

  • Place a request through Tsinghua University Library ILL System

Eligible patrons can place a request through Tsinghua University Library ILL System. Our staff will help the reader to check which cooperative library holds the book and request the book from that library. When the book arrives, an email will be sent to inform you to pick up the book you request at Interlibrary Loan Counter. The book should be returned to Interlibrary Loan Counter before the due date and cannot be renewed.

     •  Use an Interlibrary Card

Eligible patrons may choose among a list of cooperative libraries to borrow an Interlibrary Card using your Tsinghua University Library Card at Interlibrary Loan Counter (at the 2nd floor of the West Library (Yifu Hall), Main Library). Then you can go to the cooperative library and borrow books according to corresponding policies.

Note: fines for overdue Interlibrary Card is 1 yuan per day. Please make sure that you have returned the book(s) to their library before returning the Interlibrary Card to us.


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