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About The Service

Interlibrary Loan Service provides access to the materials that are currently not held in collections of Tsinghua University Libraries. All students and faculties of Tsinghua University are eligible for using this service.

Interlibrary Loan Service includes Interlibrary Book Loan Service and Document Delivery Service. Interlibrary Book Loan Service assists readers to borrow book(s) from domestic and foreign libraries. When finishing the reading, the book(s) should be returned. Document Delivery Service assists readers to obtain articles and other materials that need not to be returned.

To use the Interlibrary Loan Service, you can register and log in Tsinghua University Library ILL (Interlibrary Loan) System to submit your request. Before registration, please make sure that you have opened your library privilege. After submitting a request, an exclusive request number will be generated, and you can track the processing status of your request with the request number. Please always remember to check the library catalogue before making a request.

When the request is completed/finished, an email will be sent to you about the final status and charges (if any) of the request, and you will also be informed about how to get the requested material.


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