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Library Card

(Library Cards for International Non-degree Program Students )

1. Different Cards for International Non-degree Program Students

Non-degree Program Students consist of Visiting/Exchange Students and Chinese Language Program Students. Non-degree Program Students who have IC Cards can visit “Library Privilege Opening System (English Edition)” on Library Homepage to open your accounts. Other paper student card holders should apply for bar-code library cards at Card Center.

2. Getting bar-code library cards

Paper student card holders can read books and periodicals in library reading rooms only. All this kind of readers can apply for bar-code reading cards   for free with your Paper student cards and an ID photo (2.5*3.5cm) at Card Center.

Paper student card holders who need to borrow books should place deposits to get bar-code library cards with your paper student cards and an ID photo (2.5*3.5cm) at Card Center.

3. Deposits of the bar-code library cards

300.00: only valid to borrow 5 Chinese books;

1000.00: valid for 5 books both Chinese and foreign language.

4. Using the bar-code library cards

  Card holders may use valid cards to access library and library service. Please bring cards anytime when you visit library, use them properly.

  Each IC card and bar-code library card may only be used by the person named on it. Never lend cards to others. Readers misuse cards will be given holds for 1-6 months or face university discipline in some cases.

Outdated cards are not allowed to use. 

Please refer to the Loan Quota and Period on library homepage.

Bar-code library cards are valid at Main Library,  Humanities & Social Sciences Library, Arts Library, Finance Library, Economics & Management Library, Architecture Library and Law Library.

5. Valid period of the
bar-code library cards

Bar-code library cards are valid until the expiration date of your paper student cards.

6. Renewal of the bar-code library cards

When a library card expires and its holder needs to continue using the library materials, a renewal is required. Bar-code library card holders may make the renewal with their paper student cards which have been extended the valid period by International Students Office at the Card Center before the expiration.

7. Reporting lost or stolen library cards

IC Card holders may report lost or stolen of IC cards at the Registration Center or dial 6278-5077 for further assistance.

Bar-code library card holders may report lost or stolen of bar-code library cards at the Library Card Center or dial 6278-3067 for further assistance. Please show your current proof of identity to the Card Center staff.

Readers are responsible for all books borrowed before reporting and any payment from them.

8. Replacing the bar-code library cards

IC Card holders may replace lost or stolen IC cards at the Registration Center.

Bar-code library card holders may replace lost or stolen bar-code library cards at the Library Card Center one week after reporting. Please take current proof of identity, an ID photo (2.5*3.5cm) and replacement fees.

Card Replacement Fees:


1st time

2nd time

3rd time

Lost or Stolen Card




Worn or Outdated Card




9. Leaving school

Before departure from the university, the card holders (either IC cards or bar-code library cards) should return all the materials borrowed from library and pay off the fines or claims for missing books.

Bar-code library cards must be returned to the Library Card Center before leaving. Card holders who lost bar-code library cards have to pay a 10rmb fine. If anyone refuses to follow the procedures, library will ask International Students Office for further assistance.

With the receipt, the deposit will be refunded. If the receipt is lost, the card holder should fill an application form to get deposit refunded. The form should be sealed by the International Students Office and signed by its supervisor, and also approved by the director of our library.

Card holders may get deposits refunded within 6 months since cards expire.

10. Contact us

Library Card Center

Atrium, Yifu Library

Tel:  6278-3067

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday    8:00-12:00  13:00- 17:00

Saturday - Sunday  9:00-17:00   (only for loss or stolen report)


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