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Subject Librarian

To strengthen the ties between the library and academic departments and to help faculty and students make a better use of library resources, Tsinghua University Library started the "Subject Librarian System" since 1998. Under this system, library appoints subject librarian with related academic background for each department to solve their problems or handle their requests. 

Department (School)

Teacher Advisor

Subject Librarian

Zhang Jie

Guo Yiqun (62795453,

School of Mechanical Engineering

Zhang Jiansheng

Zhang Kunzhu (62783349,
Qian Junwen (62772519,

Xiang Zhihai

Hua Fang (62787416,
Zhao Junping (62782367,

Sun Maosong

Meng Ying(62789489,
Cheng Aiping (62772519,

Department of Electrical Engineering

Wang Shanming

Department of Physics

Zhang Liuwan

Zeng Xiaomu (62794774,
Wang Qian (62784908,

Institute for Advanced Study

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Shi Lingsheng

Zhou Pei-Yuan Center for Applied Mathematics

Center for Earth System Science

Wu Haiping

Department of Chemistry

Li Jinghong

Lin Jia (62795857,
Zhan Yuhua (62794774,

Department of Chemical Engineering

Wang Xiaogong

Zuo Jiane

Li Jin (62795453,
Guan Cuizhong (62784908,

School of Civil Engineering

Guo Hongxian

Cai Qiang

Han Lifeng (62785974,
Li Fengxia (62789489,

Department Of Engineering Physics

Li Junli

Li Jinghua (62787416,
He Weiping (62782367,
Dong Lin (62771805,

Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology

Zhou Zhiwei

School of Economics and Management

Zhang Lijun

Li Jinghua (62787416,

School of Marxism

Wang Xianming

Wang Yuan (62784908,
Guo Yiqun (62795453,

Division of Sports Science and physical education

Qiu Jun

School of Journalism and Communication

Lu Jia

Zhang Qiu (62798032,

School of Humanities

Cai Wei (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures)

Yang Ling (62798245,

Liu Fenrong (Department of Philosophy)

Ren Ping (62798245,

School of Social Sciences

Chen Qi (Department of International Relations)

Yang Ling (62798245,

Wu Tong (Institute of Science, Technology and Society)

Ren Ping (62798245,

Institute of Education

Zhong Zhou

Yang Ling (62798245,

Jia Bingbing

Jia Xijin

Academy of Arts & Design


Sun Yang
Wei Chenguang

School of Medicine

Qiu Ying (Clinical medicine)

Ren Yi (62789489,
Bi Lin (62771805,

Liu Xiaodong (Biomedical Engineering)

Zhang Yonghui(Pharmaceutical Science)

School of Life Sciences

Chen Guoqiang

PBC School of Finance

Zhang Hong

Yan Ling (


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