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 Guided library tours in English available to international students(2018-9-4)
 Welcome to the website for freshman(2018-9-4)
 Guided library tours in English available to international students(2013-8-23)
 Zhao Xiong:Staying here for 43 Years(2013-7-10)
 Treasure Buried in the Old Documents(2013-7-10)
 The Written History of Old Tsinghua Papers(2013-7-10)
 Living Library: You never will get bored(2013-7-10)
 "Fall in Love with the Library": Stay Tuned for the Next Season(2013-3-22)
 Tsinghua University Library Centennial—Chapter of Resources(2012-11-9)
 Centennial Tsinghua University Library—Chapter of Architecture(2012-11-9)
 Centennial Tsinghua University Library—Chapter of Services(2012-11-9)
 Guided library tours in English available to international students!(2012-8-27)
 The Library won the 10th IFLA International Marketing Award!(2012-3-27)
 The Promotion Series Falling in Love with the Library (Chinese/English subtitle) is available online!(2012-1-13)
 Professor Alan Macfarlane Donates Books to Tsinghua(2011-11-4)
 Tsinghua opens new Humanities and Social Sciences Library(2011-6-2)
 Sister Libraries: Tsinghua University and Cornell University Libraries Enhance Collaboration(2010-6-13)
 Library collaboration with Cornell University strengthens scholarship(2009-11-9)
 Nano Research and Building Simulation(2009-4-3)
 Library New English Website Released(2008-11-20)
 Information Resource Portal (English Version) Released(2008-9-4)

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