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Library New English Website Released


To keep pace with the international development of the University, Tsinghua University Library launched its new version of English website to create a good English information environment for foreign users which are increasing rapidly in recent years.

URL: http://eng.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn

The new website provides a gateway to help international students and foreign researchers overcome language barrier and take the advantage of library resources and services. It also serves as a web-based platform for virtual information literacy instructions and interactive communication between the Library and users.

New features include:

  • Practical functions: Several important library systems with English interfaces are integrated in the website, such as the library catalog, the academic information resources portal and the virtual reference desk. The off-campus access system and the interlibrary loan request form also offer English login entries on the new website.
  • Comprehensive contents: The columns are set the same as the Chinese version aiming to cover all the contents related to foreign users, such as the borrowing policies for international students, library service introductions and floor plans, etc.
  • Technical enhancements: The new version website is based on the Content Management System (CMS) and web pages are issued dynamically. The powerful search bar on the homepage can perform meta-search across databases and e-journals subscribed by the Library and you can also do quick search within library catalogs, Google or the local site.

At present, the new Library English website is still under testing. We are looking forward to all the kind feedbacks and hope that it will benefit all the foreigners on the campus in the future. Please send your comments or suggestions to us for further improvement.

Tel: 62782137
Email: fanah@lib.tsinghua.edu.cn

Many librarians involved in the related development deserve acknowledgement for their effort in helping this project to completion through the last six months. Thank all of you!

Tsinghua University Library
Nov.3 2008

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