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Zhao Xiong:Staying here for 43 Years



"After 43 years, my feelings for the library have not diminished. Even after I retire, I will come back often." 
                                                                                                               -Zhao Xiong

In 43 years, watching an ivy grow from a sprout until it covered the red brick wall of the Tsinghua University Library, the library's collection grow, update, and become digitalized, the Yifu Library built from the ground up, new facilities constructed…and a formerly young and high-spirited worker becoming an elegant, gentle senior director of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (HSSL)-he is Zhao Xiong.

Zhao came to the libraries, of only 7,000 total sq.m.on campus at the time, as a general staff doing many things in 1970. Since then after several decades, he had never left the Tsinghua library and assumed responsibilities related to the development of the system in all aspects until he was promoted to deputy director of the Tsinghua Library. On the eve of the centenary celebration in 2011, he became the first director of the newly constructed HSSL with an important mission in his mind,"this library will be a place where literature context continues,a place where the cultural lineage carries on. The completion of HSSL is certainly a 'catalyst' in reviving humanities education in Tsinghua." "

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library," said by Jorge Luis Borges,who was the litterateur and former director of the National Library of Argentine. The libraries of Tsinghua have produced numerous influential scholars,great masters,and leaders in every field of China. When talking about his expectations of the libraries, the 60 year old Zhao said,"On one hand,our literature collection must be abundant, facilities should be as accessible as possible,the environment should be comfortable,and our services must be comprehensive.On the other hand, we must not only build a hall of knowledge, but also a hall of morality,where everyone is courteous, polite, friendly, and self-disciplined."

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