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Living Library: You never will get bored


There is a Chinese proverb that "Knowledge comes from books and from experience of the world". People not only gain knowledge from reading books but also from practical life and personal experiences. This semester, Tsinghua University Humanities and Social Sciences Library, and Graduate Union of Tsinghua University, along with other departments jointly launched Tsinghua Living Library Project. It is a revolutionary breakthrough and will provide students with not just a wealth of knowledge but also more easy and convenient access.

Living Library originated in Copenhagen, Denmark and started to gain popularity after 2005. It has completely changed the traditional reading mode as if offers a form of face-to-face communication where real people engage with readers in direct dialogue. Many mentors and other well-known professors and alumni form this living library, allowing students to make on-line appointments, engage in small exchanges with these living books. Every exchange can hold up to 20-50 people with the duration often lasting 1-2 hours.

This semester, "Living Library" has invited Director of Mechanics Program, Professor Zhu KeQin from the Department of Engineering Mechanics, and Dean of Physics Department Xue Qikun to participate in Living library with Tsinghua Students. The topics discussed will be about the gaps between Chinese and international educations systems, the qualities that outstanding students need to adopt, research, innovation, problems that new graduates face such as employment, housing along with other practical problems. These dialogues and new forms of communication support the students and allow everyone to be the main protagonist.

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