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Centennial Tsinghua University Library—Chapter of Services


The Tsinghua University Library has a proud tradition of serving the readers. Even in the early years, its services already led among domestic university libraries, for example in the fall of 1919, it was first in the nation to set up "borrowing reference desks." In recent years, the library has carried out the "more service and user-oriented" policy, focusing on reader services as the mission and providing them comprehensive, multi-perspective, convenient, and efficient services.

In order to meet the student's learning patterns, the reading rooms and book circulation begins from 8:00am until 10:00pm, and in recent years, several 24-hour self-service book return boxes are set up around campus, providing more convenience to the students. In addition, the library also offers teachers and students expedited services, interlibrary loans, information exchanges, paper searching assistance, document processing, seminar room reservation, large screening areas and exhibitions, and many other services including all kinds of trainings.

With the development of the Internet and computer technology, the library has also become the university's information center. Not only has the reading area of the library accesses to the campus networks, but also new services continue to be updated, launching varying services such as information reference, document delivery, project inquiry, development strategy, and information analysis. Readers can use "mobile library" through their phones and enjoy the library's online services anywhere in the world. It has grown from a traditional library with physical book collections into a modern library with rich digital resources that continues to expand.

The amazing services of the library always left generations of Tsinghua people with a good impression. Famous playwright Cao Yu, a student in 1933, in his essay of "Shuimu Tsinghua and 'Thunderstorms'" wrote, "I miss Tsinghua's Library. I would like to thank Librarian Jin for allowing me to freely browse the endless books and volumes." Academic Master Ji Xianlin, who entered Tsinghua in 1934, said, "We are still willing to go to the library. It is quieter here and there is a complete set of reference books. The academic ambience is all around and everyone talks and walks quietly." Current students also have strong affection for the library and said that the academic atmosphere is peaceful and abundant. This is a gift we receive from the library. When you enter the library, reading becomes such a spontaneous action, a pleasure, and a spiritual enrichment.

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