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The Library won the 10th IFLA International Marketing Award!


The Library won the 10th IFLA International Marketing Award! see detail :http://www.ifla.org/en/news/10th-ifla-international-marketing-award-winners-announced

The IFLA Section on Management and Marketing in collaboration with Emerald is pleased to announce the winners of the 10th IFLA International Marketing Award for 2012.

"First place was awarded to Tsinghua University Library, Beijing, China, represented by Yang Yi, Deputy Director, and Han Lifeng and Wang Yuan, Reference Librarians. The project team, composed of professional librarians and students, created a low-cost series of five short, entertaining videos that feature two undergraduates who meet in the library. Their interactions not only tell the humorous, light and warm story of "Falling in Love with the Library" but also improve library brand awareness and library literacy and thus help students, especially freshmen, make optimal use of library services and fully benefit from them. The videos are offered in two versions, one with Chinese and one with English subtitles. A web-based book-shelf matching game is also offered. "

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