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Professor Alan Macfarlane Donates Books to Tsinghua



Professor Alan Macfarlane, a Fellow of the British Academy, and a professor of the University of Cambridge, donated about 15,000 volumes of books and other items of his collections to Tsinghua University on October 22nd, 2011. These donations include books, manuscripts, video discs and files, covering multiple subjects like art, the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Macfarlane said that Tsinghua’s new Library of Arts impressed him greatly and he hoped to contribute his part to the development of humanities and social sciences subjects at Tsinghua and in China. At the donating ceremony held on October 22nd, Vice-president Xie Weihe of Tsinghua University attended and expressed the gratitude to Professor Macfarlane on behalf of Tsinghua.

(By Yue Xiaoling,From http://news.tsinghua.edu.cn)
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