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Ancient Books in Library Collections

Collecting ancient rare books in Tsinghua University has a long history. At present, the amount of ancient books is 28,000 titles, nearly 300,000 volumes. Among them, 1,885 rare books and 425 unique existing editions are included by the Union Catalogue of Chinese Rare Books 4,623 titles, 5,086 volumes are collected by the Catalogue of Rare Books in Tsinghua University Library at the same time. The collection is one of the major academic resources of Tsinghua University, which covers a wide range of fields. Our collection focuses on classical texts, selected works and writings of individuals.

All materials are collected in 2 ancient book compact stacks, which are not open to all readers. The Ancient Book Reading Room (W305) is on the 3rd floor of Yifu Library. It contains several reference books and series published recently. We provide service to individuals with valid Campus ID or visitor pass. In addition, please refer to the reading rules in front of the reading room for details.

The catalog of Tsinghua ancient book collection is now available online. There are also several digital resources for Chinese studies, such as the electronic version of Si Ku Quan Shu (the Wenyuange Edition), the electronic version of Si Bu Cong Kan, the electronic version of index of Er Shi Wu Shi , the CADAL Digital Library,and Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books, etc.All of them are available on campus network.



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