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Copyright Statement of E-resources Intellectual Property Protection

In order to protect the intellectual property rights of electronic resources, to maintain the reputation of Tsinghua University and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorized users as well, the library appeals to all the organizations and individualsto pay attention to and comply with the regulations on intellectual property rights of electronic resources.

1. Any downloading of the library-subscribed electronic resources by any software tools is prohibited.
2. Any systematically over downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.
3. Any redistributing electronic literatures to non-Tsinghua users and any use of these electronic literatures for the purpose of making profits are prohibited.
4. The proxy server on campus is not allowed to set up without the permission of the university library. If it is set up with permission, it should be guaranteed that no users outside the university are allowed to access the library-subscribed electronic resources.
5. Users have the responsibility to protect personal network accounts and computers (servers).If violation cases of electronic resources happen because of stolen accounts or attacked computers, all legal consequences shall be taken by violators themselves.
6. If there is any violation of the above rules, the library will make a thorough investigation together with university departments concerned. The violator will be punished by the following actions:
1) The violator must come to the library for investigation in 3 business days and submit a written self-criticism. The library will publish his wrong behavior on its homepage.
2) The violator's borrowing privilege will be suspended for six months.
3) The violator's network account will be suspended for two months.
4) If there is any serious violation, the violator will be reported to the university and punished.

All the legal consequences shall be taken by the violator himself. All the library users are encouraged to assist the library in supervising the use of electronic resources. If any violation of the rules occurs, please inform the library. Special reminder: some commercial websites are accused of the illegal sale of Tsinghua University Library Account. It is necessary to remind users that library-subscribed electronic resources are only for the Tsinghua users. Users should protect personal network accounts. Any sale or purchase of personal accounts to access to the library electronic resources is illegal behavior. The users must take all the responsibility for the illegal behavior, and the accounts will be blocked by the library.

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