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Electronic Resources Access Control System

To prevent the abuse of electronic resources, Tsinghua University Library developed an "Electronic Resources Access Control System". The system is controlling all the library-subscribed electronic resources within the campus IP range. It will suspend the user's access privilege if any abuse behavior is monitored.

The system provides a real time control to the access of electronic resources according to the download flow and frequency. If any abuse behavior happens, a warning page will pop up on the user's screen notifying the violation and the control measures that will be taken by the system. At the same time, the user should slow down his download speed. If the user ignores the warning and continues his or her abuse behavior, the system will take the following actions regarding the degree of violation:

 1. suspend the user's access to the related database.
 2. suspend the user's access to the network outside the campus.
 3. suspend the user's network account.

The library calls on the fair use of electronic resources, any suggestion about the system is welcome.

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