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Library Collections

General Introduction

Tsinghua University Library's collection is emphasized on Science and Technology and also covers broad subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The total collection amounts to more than 525.5 million items by the end of 2018, there are also many other kinds of resource. All resources including:
Printed Collections

  • More than 222,000 thread-bound ancient books;
  • More than 592,000 bound periodicals;
  • More than 162,000 Tsinghua University dissertations and theses;
  • Other books.

Electronic Resources

  • More than 142,000 full-text e-journals;
  • 683 electronic databases;
  • More than21,264,000 e-books;

Collections in the West Library

Novelty Search

West 107 Science and Technology Novelty Search

Closed Stack

West 124 Low Utilization Chinese Social/ Science and Technology Books (Closed Stack, Loan in Circulation of Closed Stack, 2F Yifu)
West 125 Low Utilization Chinese Science and Technology Books (Closed Stack, Loan in Circulation of Closed Stack, 2F Yifu)
West 128、130、131、133 Low Utilization Chinese Humanities and Social Science Books (Closed Stack, Loan in Circulation of Closed Stack, 2F Yifu)
Foreign Books

West 227

Foreign Books
Chinese Science and Technology Books
West 206/216
Chinese Science and Technology Books
Circulation of Closed Stack
West 224
Low utilization books (Closed Stack)
Reference Books West 220 Reference Books
Current Periodicals and Newspapers
West 311

Chinese and Foreign Current Periodicals and Newspapers (Library Use Only)

Foreign Bound Periodicals
West 320、322、322B、319
Foreign Bound Periodicals after 1978 (Library Use Only)

Music Library

West 306 E-resource & Multi-media

Chinese Bound Periodicals

West 407 (including 410) Chinese Bound Periodicals (Library Use Only)

Collections in the North Library

(Floor Plan)

Liberal Education Reference Shelf

Liberal Education Reference Books

the Marxism Special Bookshelf the theory research and construction project key materials of Marxism
New Bookshelf Change New Books on Tuesdays
Special Bookshelf Change Special Books regularly
Recommended Reading Bookshelf Recommended Books by Tsinghua University
the Red Flag Bookshelf Red Flag Press Donations

(Floor Plan)

Chinese Humanities & Social Sciences Books

A ~ G and Z Books (Chinese Library Classification)

(Floor Plan)

H、I、J Books (Chinese Library Classification)

(Floor Plan)

F Books (Chinese Library Classification)

(Floor Plan)

K Books (Chinese Library Classification)

Collections in the Old Library

(Floor Plan)

Newspapers Stack
Southern Part
Newspapers of Three Years Ago and Periodicals before 1977 (Not for Circulation)
Closed Stack Southern Part Japanese Books, Chinese and Foreign Books Collected before 1977 (Open Stack)
Social Science Preservation Books

Southern Part

Social Science Books (Not for Circulation)
Collections Related to Excellent Alumni

Reading Room No.1

Works and Donations from Tsinghua Alumni (Not for Circulation)

(Floor Plan)

Dissertation & Thesis
Doctoral Dissertations, Master’s Dissertations, Post-Doctoral Thesis. 1981~2015 (Not for Circulation)

Collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library

(Floor Plan)

Weekly New Books Shelf Weekly New Books
Reference Books Shelf Chinese and Foreign Reference Books (Not for Circulation)

(Floor Plan)

Books Chinese and Foreign Books A~E and N~Z
Periodicals Chinese and Foreign Current Periodicals (Not for Circulation)

(Floor Plan)

Books Chinese and Foreign Books F~K

(Floor Plan)

Thematic Collections Local Chronicles and Documents (Not for Circulation)
Donations from Robert Cohn (Not for Circulation)
Donations from Ren Jiyu and His Wife Feng Zhongyun (Not for Circulation)
Donations from Epstein (Not for Circulation)
Donations from マルクス主義の発展 (Not for Circulation)
Works of Winners of Nobel Prize For Literature (Not for Circulation)
Photocopy (Not for Circulation)

1/F (Underground)

Book Stack N.3 Low Utilization Books (Closed Stack)
Book Stack N.4 Bound Volume Periodicals (Closed Stack)

2/F (Underground)

Book Stack N.5

Low Utilization Books Books in Library of Congress Classification Q-Z

Book Stack N.6 Books in Library of Congress Classification A-P



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